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Operating a business that imports and exports goods outside of the UK can open up a world of opportunities.

Wise entrepreneurs recognise this, and can unlock entirely new markets for competitively priced products imported at a fraction of the cost.

A major factor of running a successful import/export business is understanding the UK’s import and export laws, as well as overseas regulations that can affect the flow of goods and capital across borders.

Being one of the busiest and most highly esteemed business hubs in the world, the UK is ideally poised to serve as the base for any importing or exporting business catering to European and global markets.

Not only can UK-based import/export companies take advantage of the domestic market, they also have easy access to hundreds of millions of potential customers in Europe and beyond.

What can Hoffman Consultants offer?

We are experienced in dealing with the accounting requirements of overseas transactions, and we can advise on methods of obtaining and dealing with foreign currency that reduces exchange rate risk.

The complexities of an import and export business mean that having an expert on your side can make a major difference to your business success.

We are experienced in dealing with overseas customers and suppliers so can advise on methods of secure payment, giving credit, implementing credit protection, terms of trade and if need be chasing debts.

It is the exporter’s responsibility to obtain proper export licenses, if required, and also to ensure that their goods do not fall under any export restrictions.

Current UK laws place restrictions on the export of artwork, flora and fauna, military goods and technology, as well as certain kinds of industrial chemicals and medicines.

Obtaining an export license is difficult and with ever more strident money laundering regulations coming into force, is becoming harder still.


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